Analyzer plugin not loaded

The plugins should not be moved out of the “Analyzer 4.0” folder.
When you download Analyzer 4 and uncompress it, a folder named “Analyzer 4.0” will be created. Make sure that you DON’T pull any of the components out of the “Extensions” folder found in that “Analyzer 4.0” folder. This is where the plugins must reside for Analyzer to find them and work properly.
You can then place the entire “Analyzer 4.0” folder into your “Applications” or your “Program Files” folder.
In order to launch the Analyzer application, open the “Analyzer 4.0” folder and double click on the icon named “Analyzer” (for Macintosh) or “Analyzer.exe” (for Windows). This will cause the Analyzer application to open and it will load any necessary plugins from the “Extensions” folder.
Windows users must install the .NET Framework, available FREE from Microsoft, to utilize the Windows version of Analyzer 4. If the .NET Framework is not installed, Analyzer will give an ‘Analyzer plugin not loaded’ error message. 
To resolve this issue, download the Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable 1.0 from Microsoft’s website at:
You can also run Windows Update to do the download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework.