New MasterCard and Discover Processing Requirements – Update

Recently, users of where notified of changes to the gateway prompted by MasterCard and Discover modifying their rules concerning the processing of debit, prepaid and gift cards.
We have been researching the impact of these changes on the eAuthorize plug-in and have determined that a modification will be required to keep the plug-in compliant. We have begun the process of updating the plug-in and expect release of eAuthorize 5.2 in September. Pricing for this upgrade has yet to be determined.
There are a few important things to note regarding these changes:
1- Simply installing the updated version of the eAuthorize plug-in will not automatically make your FileMaker database solution compliant with these changes. Some modification to the scripting in your database will be required to support the Balance Response, Partial Authorization and Authorization Reversal transactions outlined by
2- There is a danger that older versions of the eAuthorize plug-in will not continue to work after enforces these changes on June 30, 2011. To avoid this you should update to the latest version of the plug-in prior to that date.
3- If you are currently using eAuthorize 3.x or 4.x on Mac, you must be running FileMaker version 7 or later to upgrade to the 5.x version of eAuthorize. If you are still running FileMaker 6 or earlier on Mac, you will need to migrate your database to a later version of FileMaker to continue using the plug-in.
4- For more information on these changes please see the FAQ at
Check this space periodically for updates. New information will be posted when it becomes available.