eAuthorize 3.5 – I/O Exception Error

Over the last month we have been receiving more and more reports of an I/O Exception error which causes transactions to fail. The error seems to be limited to users running any Mac OS and using the Authorize.net gateway. The error appears to be occurring across versions of the Mac OS and compatible versions of FileMaker. Windows users on the Authorize.net gateway do not seem to be experiencing this error.
We do not know what is causing this error. It could be a combination of a number of factors including but not limited to: product age, changes to the Mac OS or changes to the Authorize.net gateway.
We do know there appear to be two possible solutions for solving the problem.
1-Downgrade to version 3.0 of the plug-in. You can get the Mac version of the eAuthorize 3.0 plug-in by going to:
eAuthorize 3.0 Mac Download
Your existing 3.5 registration will work version 3.0. We are reasonable sure that this solution will work with up to version 7 of FileMaker and up to version 10 of the Mac OS. eAuthorize 3.0 will NOT work on an Intel Mac.
2- Upgrade to version 5.1 of the plug-in. Will eAuthorize 5.1 work for you? Yes, if you are using at least FileMaker 7 and a compatible Windows or Mac operating system. For more information on this product or to review requirements please see eAuthorize 5.1 Please be aware that there are some significant scripting changes that need to occur when upgrading from eAuthorize 3.5 to eAuthorize 5.1