eAuthorize 3.5 plugin is missing

Along with the plugin, two files (pfpro.dll and f73e89fd.0) are included with the download and must be installed as well. These two files are in the ‘Important items to install’ folder. Then an environment variable must be set to point to the f73e89fd.0 file.
If these files are not all installed in the correct location, the plugin will not appear in the plugins list under the FileMaker Application Preferences.
Just follow these steps to make sure the install is completed correctly:
1) The pfpro.dll file:
If this file is not placed in the proper directory, the plugin will not appear in the list when you go the the FileMaker application preferences.
This file should be copied to one of these directories:
c:WINNTSYSTEM32 # for NT and 2000
c:WINDOWSSYSTEM # for 98 and ME
2) The f73e89fd.0 file:
This is the certs file, and it can technically can go anywhere. However, for this example, create a folder called CERTS and put the file in this folder. Then place the CERTS folder at the root level of your C: drive. The path for this folder would then be:
3) Setting the environment variable:
The procedure for this depends on what version of Windows you have.
On XP/NT/2000 systems # Follow the instructions in the IMPORTANT INFO – EAUTHORIZE.PDF file that is included with eAuthorize. This tells you how to set the variable in the System Control Panel.
For Windows 98/ME systems, you must use a text editor (such as Notepad) to open your C:Autoexec.bat file, which is on the root level of your C: drive, and manually add this line:
Note that the path (C:CERTS) is the example used in step 2 above. You must restart your computer after making changes to the autoexec.bat file.