eAuthorize 5.2 not loading in FileMaker 14

If FileMaker Pro 14 is running 64-bit, the eAuthorize 5.2 plugin will not load. FMP14 can, however, be opened in 32-bit mode if you follow these steps.
• Browse to Applications/FileMaker Pro 14/
• Control-click the FileMaker Pro 14 app and select “Get Info”
• Check “Open in 32-bit mode”
• Browse to Applications/FileMaker Pro 14/ and relaunch FileMaker Pro 14
The plugin is limited to only function as 32-bit. The 32-bit plugin will only load when FileMaker 14 is loaded as 32-bit as well.
The temporary solution is to make sure the FMP 14 is in 32-bit.
We are currently looking into possible solutions to this issue.