eAuthorize 5.2 Release

WorqSmart is pleased to announce the release of eAuthorize 5.2 FileMaker plug-in.
New in this release is support for Authorize.net’s partial payment capability. This feature will allow you to take advantage of Authorize.net’s ability to accept a split tender order, in which two or more transactions are used to cover the total amount of the order. For more information on this feature, please see the Authorize.net guide, under the section titled Partial Authorization Transactions. (Please note: This addition is not currently available in our example file.)
In addition, we’ve fixed a bug which caused the misreading of the spacing in the registration text files. This bug was causing the registration to fail and issue an invalid registration code error.
We’ve also added an Authorize.net hostname parameter. Now you can specify which Authorize.net url to which to connect. This will allow you to point to the appropriate Authorize.net server. This fix addresses an issue that was causing new Authorize.net test accounts to fail. The eAuthorize 5.2 plugin corrects this problem, so that whether you use our sample file test accounts, or a test account that you request, it will work properly. In addition, this fix will also resolve problems with testing card present accounts.