eAuthorize 5.1 release targeted for September 1

eAuthorize 5.1, which will be compatible with the update to the Payflow gateway service, is in the testing phase and all indicators point to a September 1, 2009 release date.
According to our source at PayPal, “The official target date for the update [to the gateway] is September 1. Paypal will, of course make allowances for merchants who cannot meet this date. For this reason I would expect the old system to at least be up until the end of the year.”
eAuthorize 5 supports Windows and Mac and is compatible with the following versions of FileMaker:
For Windows, all releases of FileMaker Pro between versions 5 and 10 are supported.
For Mac, FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9 and 10 are supported.
There is no charge for this upgrade IF you have purchased eAuthorize 5 within thirty days of the release. If you have purchased eAuthorize 5 and it has been longer than thirty days from the release date, the upgrade price will be $29.95 per user. If you are upgrading from other versions of eAuthorize, the upgrade price is $100.00 per user.