eAuthorize Plug-in Goes Into Demo Mode

The demo mode is designed to allow the plugin to function for one hour after FileMaker has been launched. After that hour is up, the plugin will instead give the demo mode message. Restarting the FileMaker application corrects this error and provides an additional hour of functionality, which is often why folks say they get the message sometimes and other times it works.
If you are a registered user, and you are still receiving this message, you’ll need to begin by checking to see if the plugin shows its registration information when you go to the FileMaker preferences. Open the FileMaker application, go to the menu bar, select Edit, and pull down to preferences. Select the Plugins tab and look for the eAuthorize plugin in the list. Highlight eAuthorize and press the Configure button. The dialog box that opens up should show the registration information. If the boxes are blank, try entering the registration information and pressing the Register button.
If the plugin is still ‘forgetting’ its registration information, even if you’re able to see it in the dialog box after you enter it, you can try to register the plugin using a text file method. With this method, the registration information is stored in a text file located in the “Registration” folder under the “Extenstions” folder where the plugin is installed. This text file will be read by the plugin every time FileMaker is opened and the plugin will be registered properly.
Simply open a text editing program like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, and then create a new blank document. In the file you’ll need to enter your eAuthorize registration code using the following format:
RegisteredTo:Joe User
Product:eAuthorize 5.x
LicenseType:single user license for mac / win
(Note: without the spaces between the colons for eAuthorize plugin version 5.1 and earlier)
When you’re done entering your registration information into the text file, you must save the text file with the proper name. The name of the file must contain the version of eAuthorize. So a file for eAuthorize 5.1 would be named “eAuthorize5.1Registration.txt” and a file for eAuthorize 5.2 would be called “eAuthorize5.2Registration.txt”.
This newly created text file must then be placed in the proper location. Make sure FileMaker isn’t running. Go to your FileMaker Pro application folder where the plugin is installed. Open the “Extensions” folder where the plugin file was placed. In there you will see a folder named “Registration”. Place the registration text file inside of the “Registration” folder. The next time FileMaker is opened, the file will be read and the plugin will go into registered mode.
Additional information detailing this text file registration process can also be found in the “Documentation” folder we’ve included in the download of the eAuthorize plugin from our site. If you need to download the files, go to: Download