eNews – April 2006

| Waves in Motion | eNews | April 2006 | Vol. 5, Issue 1 |
What’s in this issue:
[01] NEW! eAuthorize Advanced – The FIRST plug-in for FileMaker Server 7/8 Web Publishing
[02] NEW! Customize your professional development program with CourseWizard 5.3
[03] Consulting Services – We can improve your productivity and profitability!
[04] Training Services – Learn side-by-side with an expert working on YOUR solution!
[05] Events Task Automation – Work while you sleep!
[06] Events discounted during April!
[01] eAuthorize Advanced – The FIRST plug-in for FileMaker Server 7/8 Web Publishing
eAuthorize Advanced is the first FileMaker plug-in which extends the capability of FileMaker Server 7/8 Web Publishing by providing a method for securely processing credit cards and electronic checks directly from your FileMaker powered website. eAuthorize Advanced connects to an online payment gateway via the Internet and processes payments instantly. The plug-in is currently Windows only with a Mac version anticipated later in the year.
To learn more about the power of eAuthorize Advanced, to try a free demo, or to review pricing, please visit:
[02] NEW! Customize your professional development program with CourseWizard
Have you ever imagined a learning management system that could be customized to meet YOUR specific needs? Imagination has just turned to reality.
Waves in Motion now offers customization services for CourseWizard, our easy-to-use, web-based, professional development software. You can now use CourseWizard as is, or partner with our experts to create the ideal solution to fit your organization’s needs. CourseWizard is the first learning management system to offer this option.
In January we released CourseWizard 5.3 which included the many new features, including:
– Customize the login page
– Create custom user and location fields
– Import new users and locations
– Retrieve a lost/forgotten password or force a password change on the next login
– Offer a course by invitation only
– Offer course related links after registration
– Offer paid courses and pay for classes online
So, you can already use CourseWizard to track the status and progress of professional development for your entire staff, accept online payments for class registrations, schedule automatic email notifications, create sign-up sheets, class rosters, course catalogs, transcripts and reports for management reporting or regulatory compliance needs. Now, we can help you turn CourseWizard into a management tool that will help you administer your professional development program easily and efficiently without requiring changes in your established organizational processes and procedures.
Click here and try our FREE online demo to see the powerful features CourseWizard offers. Don’t see something your organization needs? Contact us and we’ll help you turn your imagination into reality:
602-956-7080 Ext. 26
[03] Consulting Services – We can improve your productivity and profitability
Waves in Motion is a full-service database consulting firm. Need a team of experts at your disposal? You’ve come to the right place! We offer complete business process analysis, needs analysis, project management, custom solution development, information management, systems integration, documentation, training, and consultation. We’re efficiency experts! We can help you to enhance your current processes to increase productivity.
Our staff of developers has years of expertise in a number of programming languages. Our special area of expertise with database solutions is FileMaker Pro (including 7 & 8). However we also offer services using Java, C, C++, Objective C, SQL, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, XML, HTML, Javascript, CDML, LDML, Oracle, and more.
Waves in Motion is a Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and a member of the Apple Developers Program.
For more information or to request services please visit:
[04] Training Services – Learn side-by-side with an expert working on YOUR solution!
Do ever feel like you need to sharpen your FileMaker skills? Do you ever get stuck on a tricky problem in your solution and aren’t quite sure how to solve it? Do you ever feel like you can’t spend time away from the office for a training class?
Our meta training consultants provide on-the-job, real-world training helping you with YOUR solution. Studies have shown that most people learn and retain information better when training is conducted hands-on and can be applied in the real world in a timely manner. What could be better than having an expert at your side (either on-site or remotely), guiding you step-by-step as you work solve your database problems and complete your real work!
For more information or to request training services please visit:
When you complete the Consulting Request Form, make sure to include the word TRAINING in the project description field.
[05] Events Task Automation – Work while you sleep!
Do you ever wish you could accomplish more in your 24 hour day? You can, with the Events plug-in for FileMaker!
The Events plug-in is the only employee that can work 24/7 without a break. It’s time you took advantage of the Events plug-in to automatically perform tasks in your database at specific times. With this power you can setup a dedicated copy of FileMaker Pro with the Events plug-in and use it to save time and system load during the day. This means you can perform large scripted operations (such as report generation, etc.) during the night, and come into the office in the morning with a head start on the day.
Here are just some of the tasks you can automate with Events:
– Triggers on record creation, view, entry, exit, or deletion
– Triggers on field exit (via validation formula)
– Triggers on layout entry
– Triggers on field initialization
– Triggers on global drop-down list changes
– Triggers when a calculation field is calculated
– Triggers at a specified time or recurrently
If you would like to put time on your side, try a free Events demo, or to review pricing, please visit:
[06] Purchase Events during the month of April and receive a 5% discount!
Simply enter the following coupon code when you checkout:
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