eNews – August 2004

E-News | August 2004 | Vol. 3, Issue 3
What’s in this issue:
[01] Welcome Reception: The drinks are on us!
[02] Ride the New Wave-Vendor Track Session
[03] Surf Over to the Waves Booth! Free Gifts! Prizes!
[04] Analyzer 4.0 arrives just in time for DevCon (Beta NOW Available)
[05] CourseWizard 5
[06] New! Events 4.0
[07] Learn FileMaker Pro 7 with a Movie-Based Tutorial
[08] Meet the Waves in Motion Team
[09] Phoenix is our hometown!
[10] New and Improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ

[01] Welcome Reception: The drinks are on us!
Waves in Motion is pleased to be a main sponsor of this year’s FileMaker Developer Conference as host of the Welcome Reception! 
At this year’s reception, the drinks are on us!
We hope you’ll join us:
What: Welcome Reception
When: Monday, August 30th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
See you there!

[02] Ride the New Wave-Vendor Track Session
Don’t miss Vince Menanno as he presents “Ride the New Wave,” our vendor track session. 
Vince will discuss two of our best-loved products, Events and Analyzer. Recently upgraded to work with FileMaker Pro 7, Vince will show you how each will become an indispensable tool in your FileMaker Pro 7 toolkit.
Mark your calendar:
What: “Ride the New Wave” Vendor Track Session
When: Wednesday, September 1st from 1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Where: Sonoran G

[03] Surf Over to the Waves Booth! Free Gifts! Prizes!
We don’t get a chance to see our FileMaker friends very often. So when we do, we love to visit with our customers. We hope you’ll stop by to say hello, get a free gift (while supplies last) and see our new products. We’re very excited about our offerings for FileMaker Pro 7 and can’t wait to share them with you! (We’ll have some special pricing to share with you as well!) 
When you stop by, drop off your business card in our fish bowl. We’ll be conducting prize drawings for a variety of Waves products.

[04] Analyzer 4.0 arrives just in time for DevCon (Beta NOW Available)
You’ll be amazed at how fast Analyzer 4.0 can evaluate your FileMaker Pro 7 solutions. Rebuilt from the ground up, Analyzer is the perfect FileMaker assistant. Analyzer extends the usefulness of problem dots by now offering red, orange, and green dots to denote problems, dependencies, and references. By following the dots, Analyzer leads you directly to any encountered problem. It saves time by finding things for you–like every script that uses a field, or every layout on which a field resides. It saves you headaches by warning about common problems before they become bigger problems. Analyzer can even tell you what’s changed from one version of your solution to another. If you feel the need for speed, come and see Analyzer 4.0 for yourself! 
Analyzer 4.0 http://wmotion.com/analyzer.html
Ready to check out Analyzer 4.0 now? We’ve just released the beta for review.
The Analyzer beta is fully functional and set to expire on September 1st, 2004. We invite you to begin using the product today. Please provide your feedback to the following address:
Please submit any bugs, feature requests, or problems to us through the address above. Screen shots are welcome, but we ask that you also provide a detailed explanation of your problem or request. The more feedback we receive, the more the tool is shaped to fit your needs.
Windows users MUST install the .NET Framework, available FREE from Microsoft, to utilize the Windows version of the Analyzer 4.0 solution. If the .NET Framework is not installed, Analyzer 4.0 will not function properly. To resolve this issue, run Windows Update to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework (it’s FREE).

[05] CourseWizard 5.1 
CourseWizard is a simple, rock solid solution that helps orchestrate your professional development program quickly and effectively. It allows Administrators of professional development programs to focus on people instead of paperwork. CourseWizard reduces operating expenses by streamlining the professional development process. No person should be left behind! If you’re tired of the headaches associated with administering your continuing education program, and you’re ready to try an easy-to-use, web-based continuing education program, stop by and see us for a demo. 
CourseWizard http://wmotion.com/coursewizard.html

[06] New! Events 4.0
Events 4.0 is faster, easier to use, and has several new abilities. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for FileMaker Pro 7.0. This cross platform plug-in has powerful new features that will expand your ability to innovate in your solutions. Events 4.0 still allows you to build triggers to run from just about any FileMaker action. What’s new? Now all actions can result in e-mail being sent directly without the need for a client application or additional plug-in. Events 4.0, together with FileMaker Pro 7.0, puts time on your side. 
Events http://wmotion.com/events.html
On August 17th, Waves in Motion released the first major bug fix for Events 4.0. We encourage everyone who has previously reviewed or purchased the product to visit the Events 4.0 pages and download an updated copy to see
the improvement for yourself.
This updated release corrects problems in several functions, example files, registration, and improves in stability. A complete list of changes has been noted in the ReadMe.txt file.

[07] Learn FileMaker Pro 7 with a Movie-Based Tutorial
Learning FileMaker Pro 7 with Vincenzo Menanno is a movie-based tutorial for those new to FileMaker Pro 7, the tool of choice for many data management needs. Previous users of FileMaker Pro will also benefit from the description of key concepts. The workshop begins with a discussion of two fundamental concepts for mastering the underlying philosophy of FileMaker Pro 7, and quickly advances, using examples of a small business solution and a school database to demonstrate the new relationship model, the differences between Tables and Table Occurrences, and the full-featured
and unified security model. Exercise files are included, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace. 

[08] Meet the Waves in Motion Team
Deb Bader
New to our company in March, Deb says she is still learning to “surf” at Waves. According to Deb, “I’ve been fortunate in my work experience to be part of some great teams, but I have never been part of such a talented, creative, flexible, and focused group. It’s awe inspiring.” Deb can most often be found in her car, chauffeuring her kids! 
Linda Costello
A six-year veteran of Waves in Motion, Linda is Waves’ Director of HR and Finance. Originally from Massachusetts, Linda’s background includes degrees in Finance and Education. Linda’s unique experience and perspective makes her a valued member of our team.
Michele Culver
Michele is new to Waves as of June. Michele brings unique talents and a depth of experience in both Marketing and Customer Service. According to Michele, “I love working in the education field!” Michele is a unique woman — one of a kind!
Pradnya Dharia
The newest member of the Waves in Motion team, comes to us from Arizona State University where she earned her Masters Degree in Computer Science. Pradnya’s primary role will be as FileMaker consultant and product developer. When Pradnya’s not working, you can find her hiking one of Phoenix’s many urban trails.
Mufaddal Khumri
” Muffi” as he is known to those of us who would otherwise mangle his name, has a solid background in software engineering. We value his expertise not only in the areas of software design and implementation but in general business knowledge and attention to detail.
Andrew Kohtz
Andrew is our full time system administrator, responsible for the Unix servers and network infrastructure at Waves. Andrew is our “go-to guy” for technical questions. We’re also pretty sure that Andrew is keeping Netflix in business, single handedly.
Vince Menanno
Vince is a FileMaker consultant and dedicated developer of products for FileMaker. He is frequently a speaker at DevCon (check out the Vendor Track Session this year), MacWorld and many FileMaker User Groups. At any DevCon, you’ll also find our musically inclined President at the Jam Sessions!
Jeff Ralph
Exacting, might be a word one would use to describe Jeff. He provides CourseWizard 3.5 support, is a FileMaker consultant and is our very precise software tester. He is our resident expert on all things “Rocky Horror.”
Utkarsh Shah
Utkarsh has expertise in many areas including software development and mathematics. He is proficient in multi-platform, multi-language code. His attention to detail and follow up are highly valued at Waves. If you want to hear a great laugh, tell Utkarsh a joke!
Marcus Silving
C.E.O. and expert FileMaker developer, Marcus’s clients range from financial institutions, to educational institutions, to pet product home delivery. His unique ability to understand complex situations and communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner is a strength, which is highly valued by his clients and the staff. It also explains his diverse client base!

[09] Phoenix is our hometown!
Phoenix is a great place to live and visit. Looking for a restaurant, a play or sporting event, a place to go shopping? Just ask us we’d be happy to make a suggestion. Or try these helpful links: 
Dining Guide:
Best of Phoenix:

[10] New and Improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ
Have a question about our products? Need a little help or to be pointed in the right direction? 
Then please visit http://wmotion.com/support.html and check out our new and improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ. You can view the FAQ by product by making a selection from the product list, or perform a keyword search. The FAQ is also accessible from the each product page. Clicking the FAQ link will take you directly to questions for that product.
Still can find what you’re looking for? Don’t forget our support form. Simply use the link above, and then complete the form. Someone from our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.