eNews – December 2004

E-News | December 2004 | Vol. 3, Issue 4
What’s in this issue:
[01] Consulting Services – Efficiency, Expertise, Excellence
[02] Analyzer 4.0 – Keep your solutions on the fast track!
[03] CourseWizard 5.1 – Professional Development Made Easy!
[04] Events 4.0 – Put time on your side! 
[05] Several WIM plug-ins find a new home
[06] New and Improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ

[01] Consulting Services – Efficiency, Expertise, Excellence
Waves in Motion offers custom consulting services for businesses and organizations of all sizes. From complete needs analysis and custom development to on-going consultation services, including consulting and training in FileMaker 7, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions in FileMaker Pro as well as other programming languages. At Waves in Motion we build relationships one solution at a time. 
Consulting Services http://wmotion.com/consulting.html

[02] Analyzer 4.0 – Keep your solutions on the fast track!
There is frost on the pumpkin, the leaves are changing hue and there is a snap of autumn in the air–it’s the perfect time to sit with a warm cup of cider in front of your computer and see for yourself just how fast Analyzer 4.0 is! 
The only product of its kind for your FileMaker Pro 7 solutions, Analyzer is rebuilt from the ground up. Analyzer extends the usefulness of problem dots by now offering red, orange, and green dots to denote problems, dependencies, and references. By following the dots, Analyzer leads you directly to any encountered problem. It saves time by finding things for you–like every script that uses a field, or every layout on which a field resides. It saves you headaches by warning about common problems before they become bigger problems. Analyzer can even tell you what’s changed from one version of your solution to another. Analyzer provides detailed reporting and can even help you document your solution for clients. Analyzer 4.0 coupled with FileMaker 7 will keep your solutions on the fast track.
Analyzer 4.0 http://wmotion.com/analyzer.html

[03] CourseWizard 5.1-Professional Development made Easy!TM
CourseWizard is an, intuitive, easy-to-use, online registration system that helps orchestrate your professional development program quickly and effectively. CourseWizard reduces operating expenses by streamlining the professional development process. CourseWizard: 
– allows administrators of professional development programs to focus on people instead of paperwork. 
– saves participants hours of researching, tracking, and registering for classes.
– helps instructors easily manage the participants of the various courses they are teaching.
– gives administrators tools for conducting surveys; 
– provides course and instructor evaluations.
What’s more, CourseWizard 5.1 tracks all of the data you need to satisfy management and government agencies. No person should be left behind! If you’re tired of the headaches associated with administering your continuing education program, and you’re ready to try a simple web-based course management program, check out a demo at: 
CourseWizard http://www.coursewizard.com

[04] Events 4.0 – Put time on your side!
Events 4.0 is faster, easier to use, and has several new abilities. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for FileMaker Pro 7.0. This cross platform plug-in has powerful new features that will expand your ability to innovate in your solutions. Events 4.0 still allows you to build triggers to run from just about any FileMaker action. What’s new? Now all actions can result in e-mail being sent directly without the need for a client application or additional plug-in. Events 4.0, together with FileMaker Pro 7.0, puts time on your side.  
For a demo or more information, see the link below:
Events 4.0 http://wmotion.com/events.html

[05] A few WIM plug-ins find a new home 
Many of our customers were surprised when a few of our plug-ins went MIA from the Waves website. Not to worry! Charts, Date and Time, FileTools, Portal Filter, Strings, and Variables have all found an excellent new home at OneStopFilemaker.com. OneStop will be your source for product info, sales, and support for these products. Many of you will be happy to hear Vicki Wells cheerful voice again. Vicki, a former WIMer, said recently, “I really welcome the opportunity to be working closely with everyone at Waves again.” We’re looking forward to it as well! 
So stop by OneStopFileMaker.com and visit our products in their new home.

[06] New and Improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ
Have a question about our products? Need a little help or to be pointed in the right direction?
Then please visit < http://wmotion.com/support.html > and check out our new and improved Waves in Motion Product FAQ. You can view the FAQ by product by making a selection from the product list, or perform a keyword search. The FAQ is also accessible from each product page. Clicking the FAQ link will take you directly to questions for that product. 
Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t forget our support form. Simply use the support link above, and then complete the form. Someone from our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.