eNews – July 2008

WorqSmart FileMaker DevCon eNews
[01] Ask an Expert!
[02] New Release – CourseWizard Lite
[03] New Release – CourseWizard Pro 5.5 sports new features
[04] New Release – eAuthorize 5 for 5 versions of FileMaker Pro!
[05] New Release – Events 5: Two plug-ins in one!
[06] New Release – Training and Mentoring Program
[01] Ask an Expert!
Once again, the experts at WorqSmart will be available to talk about our products, services and answer your most complex FileMaker questions. You can find them at our booth, at the FileMaker Visionary Bar, and in our Hospitality Suite, for one-on-one consultation. Interested in knowing more about one of our products? Schedule time with an expert during DevCon! To schedule an Events or eAuthorize demo, contact Audrey Akhavan at aakhavan@worqsmart.com. To schedule a CourseWizard demo, contact Marcus Silving at msilving@worqsmart.com. Or, you can just stop by the booth and sign up for a time.
Who are our experts? They are:
Audrey Akhavan
Audrey is a FileMaker Developer and FileMaker Products Manager for WorqSmart. “I really love FileMaker and have been building database solutions with it since 1994…starting with version 2.0 on a Macintosh peer-to-peer network! I am a Technical Network member, an At-Large FMPug member and a FileMaker Pro 8 Certified Developer.”
Dedicated to lifetime learning, Audrey has earned an invaluable and rewarding education while operating in a variety of diverse industries. In addition, Audrey can read, speak and write a little Farsi (Persian) and is fairly fluent in Spanish.
In her free time Audrey enjoys cooking, entertaining family and friends, reading, antique and bargain shopping with her sisters and completing home-improvement projects.
Ron Greene
Ron is a FileMaker Developer with over 13 years of FileMaker experience. Ron received his undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Vermont and his JD from the American University – Washington College of Law. In addition to his talents developing FileMaker solutions, Ron is also a singer specializing in plainchant and Renaissance polyphony. In his free time he enjoys brewing his own beer, cooking and fine cigars.
Marcus Silving
Marcus is our C.E.O. and an expert FileMaker Developer with over 15 years of experience. Marcus’ clients have ranged range from financial and educational institutions, to government contractors and medical companies, as well as well as businesses with large inventories to track. His unique ability to understand complex situations and communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner is a strength, which is highly valued by his clients. It also explains his diverse client base!
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[02] New Release – CourseWizard Lite
CourseWizard Lite is free of charge to organizations with fewer than 100 users. According to CEO Marcus Silving, “We wanted to do something to help out smaller schools, non-profits and other organizations who need a world-class professional development solution, but don’t have the financial resources available to fund one. Our answer was CourseWizard Lite. CourseWizard Lite includes the important core features of our CourseWizard Pro product, but is basically a slimmed-down, as-is version, which will be hosted by the organization on their servers.”
CourseWizard Lite is an easy-to-use, web-based, learning-management software that helps small organizations streamline their professional development program.
CourseWizard Lite features include:
– FileMaker companion database with ESS integration
– Customize the login page 
– PDF reports 
– Import new users and locations
– Custom reports
– Grading categories
– Participant account creation
– Flexible course catalog 
– FAQs 
– Multiple roles
– Email reminders
– Security
For more information on CourseWizard Lite contact Deb Bader at info@coursewizard.com.
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[03] New Release – CourseWizard Pro 5.5 sports new features
What’s New in CourseWizard Pro 5.5?
CourseWizard now supports the following items:
– Send email to everyone enrolled in an offering
– Invite participants to attend a specific course and offering
– Option to display or not display offering in catalog 
– New Professional Credit Report provides a list of users who have earned professional credit
– Display the upcoming course offerings by month or month range in the course calendar
– Create new or edit existing course completion certificates
– Certificates are now linked to evaluations; CourseWizard sends an email reminder to complete the course evaluation
What is CourseWizard?
CourseWizard is an easy-to-use, web-based, learning-management software that helps streamline your professional development program. CourseWizard utilizes Java, MYSQL, and FileMaker Pro 9’s External SQL Source (ESS) capability to bring you a very powerful and versatile web and desktop application.
CourseWizard Pro allows you to:
– Track the status and progress of professional development for your entire staff
– Accept online payments for class registrations
– Schedule automatic email notifications 
– Create sign-up sheets, class rosters, course catalogs, transcripts and reports for management or regulatory compliance needs
– And much more
Don’t see a feature you need? WorqSmart offers customization services for CourseWizard Pro. You can use CourseWizard Pro as is, or partner with our experts to create a tailor-made solution to fit your organization’s needs. CourseWizard Pro is the first learning-management system to offer this option.
To see the features CourseWizard Pro has to offer, stop by the booth or request a demo online at www.coursewizard.com. Don’t see something your organization needs? Contact us at 602-956-7080 and we’ll help you turn your thoughts into reality.
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[04] New Release for DevCon – eAuthorize 5 for 5 versions of FileMaker Pro!
eAuthorize is WorqSmart’s Internet credit card authorization worqhorse for FileMaker Pro. Our latest release is now compatible with five — count ’em, five — versions of FileMaker (5 through 9). Other new features include a card-swipe parsing example (for Authorize.Net card-present merchant accounts) and support for the Sage Payment Gateway. Other supported payment gateways include: Authorize.Net (card-present and card-not-present), PayPal, VeriSign, Sage and SECpay.
To learn more about eAuthorize, stop by the booth or please see www.worqsmart.com/eauthorize for a demo. Our plug-in demos and example files are fully functional and fully unlocked. Take ’em for a spin! C’mon! It’ll be fun!
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[05] Coming Soon! – Events 5: Two plug-ins in one!
Events 5 is really two plug-ins in one, a script triggering plug-in AND an email plug-in. Events 5 now supports both incoming and outgoing email functionality. Send email (text and HTML) upon field exit, record view, record deletion, record creation, at specific intervals, dates or times, and anywhere FileMaker’s calculation engine is at play. Events has the power to automate routine database activities. When you need something done on a specific day, at a specific time or repetitively, you can trust Events to complete it on time! It’s the ultimate tool for your FileMaker toolbox.
Need to trigger scripts server-side? Please see our FAQ entry. We have a few tips outlining how to make our Events client-side plug-ins work server-side.
To learn more about Events, stop by the booth or please see www.worqsmart.com/events for a demo. Our plug-in demos and example files are fully functional and fully unlocked. Take ’em for a spin! C’mon! It’ll be fun!
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[06] New Release – Training and Mentoring Program
WorqSmart is proud to announce that it will now offer FileMaker training to the FileMaker community and to the public. Long known for custom solutions and plug-ins, WorqSmart is now channeling its expertise into training programs designed to educate and mentor FileMaker developers. According to Ron Greene, Training Program Manager, “Our training programs are targeted to all levels of FileMaker knowledge; from novice to advanced levels. In the past we have done ad-hoc training programs as well as side-by-side meta consulting as part of our software development. We felt that this was a natural extension of that process.”
For more information about WorqSmart Training, stop by our booth or contact Ron Greene at rgreene@worqsmart.com.
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