eNews – March 2004

E-News | March 2004 | Vol. 3, Issue 1
What’s in this issue:
[01] FileMaker’s Brave New World!
[02] FileMaker Pro 7.0 – Training and Consulting Available
[03] Analyzer 4.0 beta – Speed and precision like no other.
[04] Events 4.0 beta – The next powerful wave!
[05] Plug-in Compatibility
[06] CourseWizard 5.0 – New and Improved
[07] FileMaker Developer’s Network of Arizona meeting (FM-DNA)
[08] Online Support Form

[01] FileMaker’s Brave New World
You have probably heard the incredible news by now. FileMaker Inc. recently announced FileMaker Pro 7. This new version will set the entire community ablaze with opportunity. Needless to say, we will have some interesting announcements to make in the near future. Soon, you will see some new and updated products and services from us.
In our opinion, while FileMaker Pro has always been a good tool for building database systems, this new version is 1000 times better.
To learn more about this fantastic new version just go to:
Welcome to the brave new world!

[02] FileMaker Pro 7.0 – Training and Consulting Available
We are available for migration/conversion consulting, custom development, or training at your facility or ours. We will familiarize ourselves with your solution and work with you to prepare a comprehensive customized migration or training plan.
Let us know how we can help. Give us a call at 602-956-7080, ext. 17

[03] Analyzer 4.0 beta – Speed and precision like no other
Analyzer 4.0 coupled with FileMaker Pro 7 will keep your solutions on the fast track.
Analyzer 4.0 will make life easier during all stages of migration and development. FileMaker Pro 7 is a monumental upgrade. Analyzer 4.0 is the perfect FileMaker Pro assistant. It saves you time by finding scripts that use one field, layouts on which the field resides, and much more!
It alerts you to common problems, and tells you what has changed from one version of your solution to the next. Don’t spend hours wading through scripts and calculations, when Analyzer can search them for you.
FileMaker Pro 7 provides many new exciting possibilities. We improved Analyzer 4.0 to help you achieve results faster.
We will be announcing a beta soon. Sign up today, and we will notify you as soon as the beta is available.
If you’re not ready to make the move to FM7, don’t forget about Analyzer 3.6! Analyzer 3.6 (our most recent upgrade to Analyzer) works with FileMaker Developer 5.5 and 6.0, working seamlessly with Windows 98, NT, ME and 2000, Mac OS 9.x or higher and Mac OS X.
Pricing and Availability:
Only $29 to upgrade to Analyzer 3.6 from 3.5, or $79 from any previous version. Analyzer 3.6 retails for $189 for a full version with a single user license. Volume and educational discounts are also available.
For complete details, pricing information and to download a demo version of Analyzer 3.6, visit:

[04] Events 4.0 – The next powerful wave!
Events 4.0 integrated with FileMaker Pro 7 will put time on your side.
FileMaker Pro 7 is a monumental upgrade. Our new Events 4.0 plug-in has many impressive improvements that take advantage of all the benefits of FileMaker Pro 7. Together, so much more is possible.
In addition to new features, Events 4.0 does everything it did before, only it’s faster and much easier to implement.
Creating triggers to perform automatic tasks in the background is a snap. Imagine a trigger that automatically logs record edits, views, adds, and deletes. Add drag and drop functionality to your interfaces. Set and pass an unlimited number of tokens with each triggered event.
Now, Events 4.0 can also send emails at any scheduled time or when a trigger is activated. This is just the beginning of what can be done.
You can sign up and download the Events 4.0 beta for Filemaker Pro 7 today! Use the link below: 

[05] Plug-in Compatibility 
Now we have a way for you to check our plug-in compatibility with FileMaker Pro 7. Go to this page to find out which of our exisitng plug-ins work with FileMaker Pro 7.
We have been hard at work on many new things. We hope that you’ll be as excited as we are about our new offerings. We’ll keep you posted as we move forward on enhancements to our plug-ins – upgrading and improving them to work better with Filemaker Pro 7.

[06] CourseWizard 5.0 – Your Professional Development Solution!
CourseWizard has been re-engineered from the ground up. CourseWizard 5.0 is a simple, rock solid solution that will help you to handle your professional development program quickly and effectively. It is the only product on the market designed specifically for this task, and it does it exceptionally well. CourseWizard 5.0 allows Administrators of professional development programs to focus on people instead of paperwork.
With the rapid pace of change today, it is increasingly important to offer continuing education opportunities for teachers, professors or instructors. Businesses need to stay competitive by continually encouraging their employees to advance themselves by learning about subjects that would help them improve or enhance their quality of work, team involvement, personal growth and more.
CourseWizard 5.0 reduces operating expenses by streamlining professional development administration. Participants save hours to research, track, and register for classes. Instructors can easily manage the participants of the various courses they are teaching. What’s more, CourseWizard 5.0 tracks all of the data you need to satisfy management and government agencies.
To find out more and experience a demo, please visit:

[07] FileMaker Developer’s Network of Arizona (FM-DNA)
Come join us and be eligible to win a copy of FileMaker Pro 7.0
Please come visit with other FileMaker developers at the first FileMaker Developer’s Network of Arizona meeting, to be held at the Waves in Motion office.
Share a first look at the most significant upgrade ever and learn about the exciting possibilities FileMaker Pro 7 can offer you. Network with other FileMaker enthusiasts and discuss migration issues.
The kick-off meeting will be hosted at the Waves in Motion office, located on the north east corner of Indian School and 24th Street. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.
Please register online so that we can plan for the number of people who will attend our first meeting or let us know if you are interested in future meetings.
Date: Thursday, April 15, 2004
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Waves in Motion
4131 North 24th Street A201
Phoenix, AZ 85016

[08] Online Support Form
Have a question about one of our products? Need a little help or a push in the right direction?
Please visit http://wmotion.com/supportform.html and fill out our support form. Someone from our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.