eNews – May 2003

E-News | May 2003 | Vol. 2, Issue 2
What’s in this issue:
[01] Waves in Motion in FileMaker Booth at NECC
[02] FileMaker Solutions Seminars in Phoenix – June 5th 
[03] Spotlight On: CourseWizard
[04] NEW! – eAuthorize 3.5 – Now VeriSign Compatible
[05] NEW! – Analyzer 3.5 – Now UNLOCKED!
[06] Special of the Month – Security Manager
[07] Hands-On FileMaker Training Available
[08] FileMaker Training Available in Canada
[09] Online Support Form
[10] DevCon 2003 Update

[01] Waves in Motion in FileMaker Booth at NECC
Waves in Motion will be participating in the FileMaker booth at the National Education Computing Conference in Seattle, June 30 through July 2, 2003.
NECC is the most exciting and comprehensive educational technology conference in the country, and the largest Ed Tech exhibit in the world.
It’s a great place to gather information on the latest hardware, software, services, and trends happening in the world of educational technology!
For more information about NECC visit: 

[02] FileMaker Solutions Seminars in Phoenix – June 5th, 2003
You’re invited to the FileMaker Solutions Seminar
For K12 from 10:00am – 12:00pm
For business from 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Courtyard by Marriott 
2101 East Camelback Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85016
For K 12
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm (Refreshments will be served)
Learn how FileMaker can help you and your district accomplish more, while saving time and money.
Managing and sharing information in the classroom, office, or district is now remarkably fast, easy and economical. FileMaker® software is the indispensable database tool for all educators who need to track and manage students or staff, projects, equipment, images and other information. Powerful features, cross-platform Windows and Macintosh support and easy-to-use tools make FileMaker Pro 6 ideal for meeting all your K-12 information management requirements.
Meet the FileMaker 6 product line and see why it is used and relied upon throughout the education community (licensed by many of the largest school districts and boards in the nation, as well as by 47 of the top universities in North America).
Discover how to use FileMaker to do more with less, save time, and save money 
See meaningful examples and solutions that will teach you how to gather, manage, and share information with ease and efficiency.
Receive a complimentary copy of FileMaker Pro 6 to evaluate and use in your organization! 
For Business
Time: 2-4pm (Refreshments will be served)
Learn how FileMaker can help you and your organization accomplish more, while saving time and money. 
Whether you are a large or small business, FileMaker® Pro simply helps you and your coworkers gather, manage, and share information. You and your team will collaborate with ease and efficiency, and be more productive and creative with FileMaker.
Meet the FileMaker 6 product line and see why top organizations like JCPenney, National Geographic and USA Today rely on FileMaker.
Discover how to use FileMaker to do more with less, save time, and save money. See meaningful examples and solutions that will teach you how to gather, manage, and share information with ease and efficiency. Hear how FileMaker is being used at leading companies to boost productivity and save money. Receive a complimentary copy of FileMaker Pro 6 to evaluate and use in your organization!
Space is very limited and pre-registration is required to attend the event.
Registration deadline: Friday May 20, 2003
Register on-line today at http://www.filemaker.com/seminars/tech_seminars.html>
If you have questions about the Seminars or FileMaker Volume Licensing, please call (800) 725-2747 x82

[03] Spotlight On: CourseWizard
Waves in Motion is committed to delivering solutions to the K-12 market that enable districts, schools, and teachers to succeed. CourseWizard reduces operating expenses by streamlining professional development administration. Professional development is critical to the success of our schools, and CourseWizard is designed to manage the professional development process from start to finish, enabling administrators to focus on people instead of paperwork. Teacher participants save time by using simple web systems to research and register for classes. Instructors easily update course and attendance information from any web browser. CourseWizard tracks all the data needed to satisfy management and government agencies.
To find out more visit:

[04] New! eAuthorize 3.5 – Now VeriSign Compatible!
eAuthorize gives anyone the ability to quickly, easily, and securely accept and authorize credit cards in ecommerce solutions. FileMaker Pro users can customize it into any solution they build, desktop, network, internet, and kiosks. (prices start at $250.00 – volume licenses available, please cal is now available for VeriSign Payment Gateway using Payflow Pro (only supported under OS X and Windows).
– eAuthorize works great with both VeriSign and Authorize.net payment networks 
– It’s fast
– It’s secure
– No programming required
– Use your existing Internet connection
– It’s easy to get set up 
– Black Box integration files 
– Get rid of the extra phone line (which will save you money) 
– Get rid of the terminal (which will also save you money) 
– Direct integration with your FileMaker databases 
– Allow anyone in your organization to process credit cards 
– Build your very own networked based credit card processing robot
” Waves in Motion’s eAuthorize is easy to setup and configure, and flexible enough to build a custom solution without the constraints of other authorization products on the market.” 
– Todd Harper, Apple Computer
For more information please visit:

[05] New! Analyzer 3.5 – The ultimate FileMaker Pro assistant
Analyzer 3.5 – new features, new price, fully unlocked.
FileMaker Pro helps people solve problems, and Analyzer helps solve them faster. It hunts things down, tracks changes, and finds common problems so developers can build better solutions.
Analyzer is “A truly thoughtful, well-crafted and indispensable tool for FileMaker developers of all levels.” According to Ernest Y. Koe, Chief Methodologist at inResonance. “Analyzer 3.5 is a tremendous time-saver. No solution should be deployed without being examined with Analyzer.”
Analyzer is the premier tool for FileMaker Pro developers. Best of all, Analyzer 3.5 is completely unlocked. Adventurous FileMaker developers can customize Analyzer to suit their individual needs. Vincenzo Menanno, president of Waves in Motion, said, “Now developers can discover some of the tricks from our laboratory.”
Analyzer 3.5 retails for $189 for a single user license. Volume, educational, and upgrade discounts are also available. To find out why many developers rely on Analyzer every day, for pricing information, or to download a trial version, visit: http://www.wmotion.com/analyzer

[06] Special of the Month – Security Manager
Manage the complex world of security in one simple database.
Take Advantage of Special Pricing Until June 30, 2003
Until June 30th we will be offering a 30% discount on any license level of Security Manager.
[Editor’s note: This offer has EXPIRED!]

Call Vicky to place your order today – 602-956-7080, ext. 17
Security Manager simplifies database administration, enhances your data security, and eases access for users. It is the only product on the market that has 128-bit encryption, and works with FileMaker Pro’s built-in access privileges.
” Security Manager offered the highest security level of anything I had looked at. We have now reached the point where we will NOT license our FileMaker solution without Security Manager.” – Tony Cimino, TASC Data Management, Calgary, Canada.
We guarantee Security Manager will improve your data security, and provide a tremendous time savings, or you can return it for a full refund.
For more information on Security Manager, please visit:

[07] Hands-on FileMaker training
Harness the Productivity of FileMaker Pro with hands-on training from FMPtraining.com
FMPtraining.com offers developer-level hands-on FileMaker training courses taught by world-renowned FileMaker consultants Jerry Robin, Darren Terry and others. Classes include Scriptology™, Relational Database Design, Interface Design, Multi-User Database Design, Calculations and more.
FMPtraining.com instructors are not just “computer teachers,” but professional FileMaker developers who love to teach. Most instructors are regular presenters at the annual FileMaker Developer Conferences.
Whether you’re an independent consultant or an in-house developer, FMPtraining.com can help you take your FileMaker skills to the next level of proficiency and productivity.
Prices range from $495 to $995 per class. For full curriculum details and pricing, please visit:

[08] FileMaker Training Available in Canada
CoreSolutions Development, an authorized FileMaker trainer, offers the On Site and classroom training for the FileMaker Professional Training
Foundation Series. For more information and a list of upcoming classes visit
http://www.coresolutions.ca/Training/overview.lasso or call 800-650-8882.
CoreSolutions invites the FileMaker community to download a copy of FreePass. Designed to help keep track of login names and passwords, serial codes, registration keys and anything else related, this FREE set of FileMaker templates has been designed by our highly skilled FileMaker professionals for ease of use and simple organization. For more information visit http://www.coresolutions.ca/Products/freepass/freepass.lasso

[09] Online Support Form
Have a question about some of our products? Need a little help or a push in the right direction?
Then please visit http://wmotion.com/support.html and fill out our support form. Someone from our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.
Don’t forget to take a look at all the available White Papers while you’re there!

[10] DevCon 2003
We’re thrilled that the 2003 FileMaker Developer Conference is being held right here in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.
Look for lots of updates in our newsletter and on our website between now and DevCon.
To register for DevCon, visit: http://www.filemaker.com/devcon/