Events 4.5 can it work server-side

Server-Side Script Triggering with a Client-Side Plug-In…
First, it *is* possible to set up server-side scripting in FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced with the Script Scheduler, but you are limited to only those script steps that are web-compatible. Opening and closing files, importing and exporting records, and printing (among many other script steps) are not web-compatible.
If you need to perform file maintenance or batch processing/printing tasks during off-peak hours *and* need to perform script steps that are *not* web-compatible, Events 4.5 could be the solution for you!
Here are a few tips outlining how to make Events 4.5 work server-side:
1-Install a copy of FileMaker Pro 7/8/9 (client) on your server.
2-Install the Events 4.5 plug-in on your server (in the FileMaker Pro 7/8/9 client’s Extensions folder).
3-Place the “Events Manager.fp7” file–included in the Events 4.5 download package–on your server, *but* not in the FMS9/FMS9A Databases folder.
4-Add your desired events to the “Events Manager.fp7” on the server (mark them to “auto-load” and leave this file open 24/7).
This method of server-side scripting with a robot/drone file can also be used with earlier versions of FileMaker Pro and Events 3.0.