Analyzer Importing Summary.xml

There are problems that can occur when dealing with high ascii characters. The problem is when you have a DDR that contains high ascii characters, a DDR that is located in a folder with names that contain high ascii characters, or when you are trying to save the report to a folder with names that contain high ascii characters. This seems to occur more often on systems outside the US using a localized character set, but can occur if you are using any ‘funny’ characters in folder names, etc.
To make sure that it is not a problem of high ascii characters in a folder name, place both your Analyzer 4 application and the DDR you are trying to import on your Desktop and try using it from there. The name of the Desktop folder does not traditionally have any high ascii characters in it.
Also, make sure that the application and the DDR are on the local hard drive you are booted from. There is a bug that prevents Analyzer from finding the correct path to the DDR information when you have it on an external volume or a secondary hard drive. Again, place the Analyzer 4 application and the DDR on the Desktop and try running it from there. That will also correct the external volume issue.