PCI Compliance

eAuthorize is a FileMaker plug-in that allows you to transmit data from a FileMaker database to an internet gateway for the purpose of credit card authorization. eAuthorize acts a conduit, responsible for communication between your database and an internet gateway. The eAuthorize plugin does not store any data which is one of the concerns of PCI compliance.
The eAuthorize plugin is using encryption for the purposes of the data communication from the database to the gateway(s).
With Authorize.net, we use their AIM (Advanced Integration Method) for the communication. You can read more in the Authorize.net AIM documentation at
With Paypal, we use a secure socket layer (SSL) method for communication between the database and the gateway.
To summarize:
First, the plug-in does not store ANY data.
Second, the plug-in uses the approved encryption methods chosen by each gateway. Those methods are certified as PCI compliant, even though our plugin is not.