Using eAuthorize with Terminal Server

Several of our clients have reported that they are running the eAuthorize plugin in a terminal server environment. Our plugin runs inside of FileMaker, so if FileMaker is supported in this configuration, then our plugin should be as well.
If the terminal server is where the FileMaker Pro is installed, where the plugin is installed, and where the eauthorize license is being read from, then you may have another problem to contend with. Every user that loads FileMaker will also be loading and registering the plugin every time they open FileMaker Pro. A single user license in this configuration will not know how to work only for the one user that requires it.
There is a solution, however, that will allow you to use a single user license code. I would recommend that your developer look into the documentation that is included with our plugin download. The documentation folder has a ‘how to register’ text file and it explains a method of registration where the registration code is passed to the plugin by using a function call to the plugin itself. This way a script can be run that calls the plugin to register it. Then limit this script so that it is run on the login for any users that are allowed to run credit card authorizations. Anyone else that logs in to your database will not try registering the plugin that way. This would allow you to have a single user license and make sure it’s only being used by the individual that needs it.