WorqSmart Announces the Release of eAuthorize 5.1

It is with great pleasure (a little bit of relief) that WorqSmart announces the release of eAuthorize 5.1. This product update is in response to the changes made to the PayPal/Payflow Pro payment gateway. The changes make the gateway even more secure than it had been in the past.
Who Needs eAuthorize 5.1?
If you currently use eAuthorize with the PayPal/Payflow Pro gateway or if you are planning to use this gateway to authorize credit cards transactions from your FileMaker database, you will require eAuthorize 5.1. After January 1st, other versions of the eAuthorize plug-in used in conjunction with PayPay/Payflow Pro will not be compatible and transactions will fail.
If you are currently using the Authorize.net, Sage or PayPoint.net/SecPay gateways successfully with your current plug-in, there is no reason to upgrade at this time.
There is no charge for this upgrade IF you have purchased eAuthorize 5.0 within 60 days of 10/31/09 release date. If you have not already, you will be receiving an email from us shortly.
If you have purchased eAuthorize 5.0 and it has been greater than 60 days from the release date, the upgrade price will be $29.95 per user. Please contact us at info@worqsmart.com to upgrade.
If you are upgrading from any other versions of eAuthorize, the upgrade price is $100.00 per user. Please contact us at info@worqsmart.com to upgrade.
eAuthorize 5.1 supports Windows and Mac and is compatible with the following versions of FileMaker:
For Windows, all releases of FileMaker Pro between versions 5 and 10 are supported. 

For Mac, FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9 and 10 are supported.