eNews – September 2008

WorqSmart eNews – September 2008
[01] eAuthorize 5 for 5-Credit Card Processing from Your FileMaker Database
[02] eAuthorize – Integration Services
[03] QuoteSmart-The Power of Positive Thinking at Your Fingertips
[04] WorqSmart Welcomes Back Vicky Wells
[05] Project Management Services – Six Sigma Experts! 
[06] Accounting Services – Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor! 
[07] Freebie – CourseWizard Lite
[01] eAuthorize 5 for 5-Credit Card Processing from Your FileMaker Database
eAuthorize is WorqSmart’s Internet credit-card authorization worqhorse for FileMaker Pro. Our latest release is now compatible with five — count ‘em, five — versions of FileMaker (5 through 9). Other new features include a card-swipe parsing example (for Authorize.Net card-present merchant accounts) and support for the Sage Payment Gateway. Other supported payment gateways include: Authorize.Net (card-present and card-not-present), PayPal, VeriSign, Sage and SECpay.
To learn more about eAuthorize, please see www.worqsmart.com/eauthorize for a demo.
Our plug-in demos and example files are fully functional and fully unlocked. Take ’em for a spin! C’mon! It’ll be fun!
[02] eAuthorize – Integration Services
Merchant accounts, payment gateways, authorizing banks, payment processors, AVS, CVS…huh? For the uninitiated, the terms surrounding online payment processing can be confusing. For the less-than seasoned developer, integrating the eAuthorize plug-in into your FileMaker Pro solution can be a daunting and time-consuming task.
Let our eAuthorize integration experts make it easy, fast, affordable and hassle-free for you! We successfully complete eAuthorize integrations all the time. We’re really good at it and can save you time and money!
Purchase your integration at a reduced rate in one of two options:
First, we can help you with a black-box style integration, using a separate file to send transaction information and receive transaction results. Includes everything you’ll need to earn the lowest transaction rates for Authorization/Capture, Credit and Void transactions. ONLY $400 (normally $600)
Or, we can help you with a full integration directly within your existing FileMaker Pro solution. Includes everything you’ll need to earn the lowest transaction rates for Authorization/Capture, Credit and Void transactions. ONLY $700 (normally $1050).
Either option guarantees a successful integration and will earn the lowest possible transaction rates for you!
Please see www.worqsmart.com/eauthorize for details or to purchase.
[03] QuoteSmart – The Power of Positive Thinking at Your Fingertips!
QuoteSmart is a tool for gathering and annotating your own personal favorite quotations, sayings, great lines, poems, philosophies, wisdom, verses and passages. Not only can you compile your own wisdom, but QuoteSmart comes pre-loaded with over 6,000 quotations.
This clever and very functional little runtime database houses a collection of motivational and inspirational quotations, sayings, and positive affirmations. Reading a quotation, a saying, or a proverb can to add a positive spin to your day, help change your thoughts and help you think of a situation in a different way. Motivational and inspirational quotations deliver mental fuel for improved life performance and are excellent tools for motivation management and leadership.
Or, as Willie Nelson said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results!”
QuoteSmart Features:
– Comes pre-loaded with over 6,000 Quotations 
– Easy to Use
– Print Quotations
– Email Quotations 
– Rate Quotations 
– Sort Quotations 
– Add Quotations 
– Add Notes
– Find Quotations by Author, Category, Text, and more!
– Access additional information about the authors by clicking on the Wikipedia, Google and Amazon.com tabs
QuoteSmart works with Windows or Mac
– Windows 2000, XP (with Service Pack 2 or 3), or Vista
– Mac OS X v10.4 or later, including Intel-based Macintosh hardware.
For more information or to purchase and download yours today please see www.worqsmart.com/quotesmart and quickly discover how having encouraging and moving quotes at your fingertips can help you to think and worq smarter!
[04] WorqSmart Welcomes Back Vicky Wells!
To say that we are more than pleased to have Vicky Wells back at WorqSmart is an understatement! Many of you may remember Vicky as long time staff member. She has a passion for customer service, and as such, has been tasked with contacting customers to see how we can better serve them.
We hope you’ll join us in welcoming back Vicky!
[05] Project Management Services – Six Sigma Experts!
“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein
Have you ever felt like you needed someone to drive projects to a successful completion? Are there processes in your organization that you know would benefit from improvement?
Great news!!! WorqSmart is expanding its already great software development offering to include Project and Process Management to help with your operational solution needs.
We’re partnering with two Six Sigma certified experts! Jeff McAfee, Six Sigma Green Belt and Rodney Buckallew, Six Sigma Black Belt can help you with your toughest business challenges.
Do any of the following sound like your organization?
– Unorganized and unsecured records, documents and data
– High cost of project development
– Long development cycles/slow speed to market
– Downsized or inefficient workforce
– Non-standardized processes/practices
Contact Marcus Silving at msilving@worqsmart.com or see www.worqsmart.com to learn how our experrts can help you.
[06] Accounting Services – Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor!
Turn Your Complexity into Currency!
WorqSmart now offers a variety of QuickBooks services to best suit your company’s needs. Linda Costello, our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, can ensure the maximum optimization of your QuickBooks accounting software program. If your business is not yet using QuickBooks, she can install, set-up, and customize it for you. In addition, we can personally train you and/or your staff on the proper operation of the system, including what to do and what not to do. We can also clean up problem books, so you can produce accurate Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets, enabling you to know the status of your business at any given time. To get started, call Linda today, at 602-956-7080 x 111, to set up your free, one-hour initial consultation.
Let Linda show you how you can put the cash back in your cash flow.
[07] Freebie – CourseWizard Lite
CourseWizard Lite is free of charge for a limited time to organizations with fewer than 100 users. According to CEO Marcus Silving, “We wanted to do something to help out smaller schools, non-profits and other organizations who need a world-class professional development solution, but don’t have the financial resources available to fund one. Our answer was CourseWizard Lite. CourseWizard Lite includes the important core features of our CourseWizard Pro product, but is basically a slimmed-down, as-is version, which will be hosted by the organization on their servers.” 
CourseWizard Lite is an easy-to-use, web-based, learning-management software that helps small organizations streamline their professional development program.
CourseWizard Lite features include:
– FileMaker companion database with ESS integration
– Customize the login page
– PDF reports
– Import new users and locations
– Custom reports
– Grading categories
– Participant account creation
– Flexible course catalog
– FAQs
– Multiple roles
– Email reminders
– Security
For more information on CourseWizard Lite, please see www.worqsmart.com/CourseWizard-Lite or contact info@worqsmart.com
Need a more robust solution with more features for a larger user base? Please see www.coursewizard.com
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